Pathfinder Coaching



Pathfinder offers Transition Coaching. Our framework can support you to let go of the past, deal with the present and embrace the future.

There are times when you want to take control of your career and would value the support of a coach to make the important decisions, take action and transition to something new. There are also times when you may have change thrust upon you, for instance through redundancy, and would value support with the challenges you face.

We offer a career transition programme to help you move on positively and with confidence to new opportunities. Our framework can support you to let go of the past, deal with the present and embrace the future.

Every career transition is unique. It could involve staying in the same sector or moving to a new one, creating a portfolio career or starting your own business, working part-time, taking a career break or thinking about retirement.

We work with you to review current and future career paths and explore options available to you. We can help:

  • Identify key strengths and skills to help make the right career choice
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Develop tools and resources you need to be successful
  • Stay supported and highly motivated in a challenging competitive job market
  • Write CVs that work for both online and traditional applications
  • Create your LinkedIn profile and advise about online personal branding
  • Job search techniques
  • Coaching and preparation for upcoming interviews

The Pathfinder Transition Programme offers up to 10 hours support over a 3-month period subject to your needs and budget. 

By request we can offer ‘bite-size’ support to write a CV or LinkedIn profile or perhaps to prepare for an interview.

Strategic change, mergers, acquisitions and restructures have become a constant feature of working life. When organisations have to make difficult business decisions we offer career transition programmes to support your senior leaders through the change and on to the future.

Through our own careers in corporate life and our experience in Executive Search we understand the complexity and rigours of the working world today and know how to help your senior leaders move on and transition to their next career role.

The Pathfinder Transition Programme offers individuals the opportunity to work with us through the changes they face so that they can move on positively and with confidence. Our programme includes: –

  • Managing Career Transition – dealing with uncertainty and transition
  • Career Analysis – understanding your requirements and what you have to offer the job market
  • Generating and exploring options – generating options and researching them
  • Decision making – making positive, realistic, informed decisions
  • Strategic career planning – for long term career and life goals
  • Job Search – formulating a strategic job search campaign
  • CV development – developing a CV for your target role
  • Job applications – job applications, speculative approaches,
  • Managing recruiters – handling head-hunters and recruiters
  • Online presence – online recruitment strategies and managing your online presence including LinkedIn
  • Networking – making the most from contacts
  • Resilience-strategies to support through knock backs
  • Interview preparation– preparing for interview, mock interviews and feedback
  • Transition to new role – adjusting to a new organisational setting, making the move to portfolio work or consultancy

Running across either three or six months, we offer regular face to face and unlimited telephone, Skype and email consultations.

If you are looking to support one individual or a larger group of people affected by business change we’d be very happy to have an initial discussion so you can find out how we can help. 

Your Pathfinder Experience

We think it’s important that your coaching experience fits in with your life. That’s why we offer a variety of formats for your coaching sessions. We can flex the length of the coaching programme, the individual coaching sessions and the format to suit you.

Face to Face Coaching

We are based in London and conduct our face to face coaching sessions at The Century Club, 61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue. This provides a relaxed environment with plenty of discreet spaces to have private conversations. In the summer we take advantage of the largest rooftop terrace in Soho, with stunning views of London’s iconic skyline.

Phone Sessions

Once we have got to know each other, sometimes a coaching session on the phone is a practical option. Our experience suggests that this can provide a unique opportunity for coaching without visual distractions and therefore increased focus on the topic under discussion. You could be at home, in a quiet office or any suitable relaxed environment.

Online sessions

Another option popular with many people is online coaching. As with phone sessions, this format can work really well when meeting up in person proves challenging either because of diary commitments or logistics. We can coach via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

Walking sessions

We are pleased to offer “walking” coaching sessions either in the parks of Central London or on the Isle of Wight. There is plenty of evidence highlighting the health benefits of walking but also some academic research which demonstrates how walking can really help to shift thinking. Being side to side rather than face to face with your coach is also more appealing to some people.