Pathfinder Coaching



Pathfinder specialises in career coaching where we build your leadership,  communication and influencing skills. We also specialise in executive coaching where we help you build your confidence, self-esteem and establish a next career path.

Career coaching helps people to decide what they want out of life and their career. It is particularly useful at times of change – promotion, a change of role or direction, responsibilities, a return to work following a break or even retirement. We work with you to review current and future career paths and explore options available to you.

We can help:

  • Identify your key strengths and skills
  • Recognise your core values and specific needs
  • Build your confidence and self- esteem
  • Establish a next career path
  • Develop the tools and resources you need to be successful
  • Stay supported and highly motivated in a challenging competitive job market
  • Navigate through difficult career decisions

Our programme will help you focus on what you want to do and how to achieve it.

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With growing focus on developing high performing leaders and teams to deliver business results, executive coaching is an important part of organisational and team development.

We work with you to support your high performers and top talent to develop and change thinking and behaviours that may be holding them back or preventing the development of a high performance culture.

Coaching can be a real light bulb moment for many people. By helping someone think through a situation and decide what outcome they want means the ownership and responsibility lies with them to achieve results.

We establish strong relationships based on trust and rapport, underpinned by sound coaching principles and well-validated techniques and create a tailored coaching programme for each individual or team.

Our approach is action and outcome focussed supporting a wide range of needs including:

  • Building leadership skills and confidence
  • Managing stress and change, strengthening resilience
  • Improving working relationships
  • Communications and influencing skills

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